Service Quality Standard

Service Quality Standard


These guidelines are drafted by LYO (“LYONODE”), only for information purposes that contain underlying provisions of the service level we are aiming to pursue.

Service Description

LYONODE is a node-as-a-service provider to connect crypto nodes by using API key. The node infrastructure for each blockchain will be set up and maintained by the LYONODE team, who provides nodes for wallet generation and node status checkup and maintenance.
The service provides access to over 60 most popular blockchain networks, and 1000+ coins and tokens.

Agreed Service Time (AST)

Indicates the agreed working time of the service, at which the service should function normally.

Availability (%)

A ratio calculated each period that the Service is available to the User/Partner. Defined by the formula: ((AST over a period - Downtime over a period) / AST) × 100%.
For example, with a total downtime of 21 minutes per month, the availability ratio is = (30 × 24 × 60 – 21) / (30 × 24 × 60)) × 100 = 99.95%.


The sum of downtime over a period, except for downtime caused by the following reasons:
Scheduled maintenance. The negative activity of the User/Partner, which led to a negative impact on the components of the Service (spam, spoofing, violation of the Terms of Use, etc.). Other uncontrolled events are classified as force majeure.

Success Rate

A number of successful requests to a node in relation to all requests.